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Mike Reilly, B. Sc.

Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative
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Registered Disability Savings Plans

Building financial security for Canadians with disabilities Many families worry about how a loved one with a disability will be cared for in future years. Thanks to the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) and generous federal grants and bonds, it’s now easier for people with disabilities to save for their long-term financial security. In addition to your own contributions, the Canadian government can help you save by adding up to $4,500 each year to the amount you contribute.

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Skating to investing success

The 2018 Winter Olympics seem to have flown by, just like always. Anyone who knows me understands what a junkie I am for all the events. I’ll watch just about anything that involves people sliding over snow or ice. However, there are two skating events that stand out in my mind: long- and short-track speed skating.

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Recognizing our assets

All too often, we put up barriers that stop us from realizing our goals because we think we lack the very thing we’re hoping to achieve. People won’t start running because they run out of breath easily. Continuing education is put off because people don’t know if they have enough knowledge to complete the curriculum. While it’s beneficial to start an endeavor with the “end in mind”, realize that it’s starting with whatever you have that’s most important.

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Avoiding the “big miss”

As I wrote this, I was enjoying coverage of the 81st Masters. It’s often said that only golfers and gardeners can enjoy televised golf; however, I think anyone with an interest in excellence, whether athletic or otherwise, can enjoy the precision and emotional control with which the best players play the game.

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Choosing how to run your financial race

I recently ran a half marathon for which, frankly, I hadn’t prepared for properly. Racing is something I really enjoy, but it takes more than charm and natural ability to be successful. Running isn’t an activity you can fake – if you haven’t put in the miles, you won’t get the results.

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The debt-free pauper syndrome

Last January, my friend made a New Year’s resolution to lose 100 pounds. He consulted his doctor and worked with a nutritionist to design a healthy weight loss plan. I suggested a ’diet only‘ plan may not be the best approach.

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2016: How Did You Get Here?

As we near the end of the year it’s common for people to be disappointed with their accomplishments over the past twelve months. January is the traditional month for setting goals for the new year while the frenzy of December activities often leaves little time for reflection.

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February Resolution Reset

For many of us, January is a time for setting goals, while February is the month when we start justifying our inability to achieve those goals. Does this sound familiar?

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